Advance Info

Parking: Street Parking or Pay Lots behind and caddie corner to the rear of the venue.

 NO Shore Power

Load in: Load in is through the alley door, Loading and Unloading only in the alley then you must move your vehicle .(Please note only Bands go in and out this door during hours of operation)

Happy Hour Shows:

If your show is on a day that Winstons has a happy hour  then your sound check needs to be finished by 6pm. We have a Happy Hour show with a live band every Wednesday and Thursdays  from 6-9pm Comedy on Fridays from 6-9 . These acts play on the same stage, Your gear can stay in place. We will strike certain items. We will clear the house from 9-9:30pm and re open doors for the evening show at 9:30 pm. Opening band will start at 9:30-10pm.

Hospitality: Winstons Provides Venue Hospitality = Please advance

Settlement - cash or check ? - If check please specify the correct name for the check to be made to.

Please provide a filled out w9 @ payment  avail for download and printing

 Merch Rate-  .   100% to artist , Winstons does not provide a Seller, We do Provide a Table

Band will be allowed to sell Band merchandise on site, provided merchandise has been previously approved by the Venue, and Band is appropriately licensed to do so

WiFi:  - Please ask staff for password

Stage size: With a odd shape the stage right wall is 15 Feet and a back wall of 18 Feet the stage moves a a angle with a front moving back to that 22 foot face, All Subs imbedded into the front end of the stage.

Fixed Drum Riser on stage. 8x8

Ceiling Height from the floor  12ft  From Stage 9ft  From Drum Riser 8ft

Stage Power 4 30 amp 120V C

Winstons has no Backline:

Venue's sound technician will run Venues  soundboard. Band FOH engineer will have all ability to use house PA.

 While Sound and  lights are provided, all shall be under the control of Venue.


Contact   [email protected]