Trivia - "Think N Drink Trivia" With Brandy

Hosted By: 
Host Brandy Jester

Think & Drink Trivia is a fun, frenzied event in which contestants can play solo or band together in teams, and compete for bragging rights and fabulous prizes! It's only $2 to play and every team wins a prize. There's also one fabulous mystery prize for the top team! The competition starts at 6pm-ish!

Host Brandy Jester buys a shot for all contestants present at 6pm, and after a toast to the Trivia spirits the game gets under way. Think & Drink Trivia's musical conductor ,the legendary host of Winston's Sunday Karaoke night known as OB-O-ke and frontman in his own band Jose Sinatra & The Troy Dante Inferno provides original theme songs, interlude music, and his unique brand of off-beat comedy.

At Think & Drink Trivia the host asks a series of six questions per round, contestants write their answers on a slip of paper and submit it, then the host reads back the answers and awards points each round. Creative or humorous answers can garner an extra point, if no team gets the correct answer, or the crowd deems the answer deserves a point for originality.

Trivia Questions are weighted so that the later rounds become even more significant, allowing for teams to come from behind to win! Questions range from all sorts of general trivia factoids, geography, history, pop culture, entertainment, science, arts, sports, literature, movies, famous people, slogans, and sex!

Every team that participates in Think & Drink Trivia wins a prize at the end of the competition, but the top teams get to pick their prizes first, and there is one extra special mystery prize per game! The mystery prize can be anything from a television to a box of Count Chocula! Will you trade in the prizes on display for whats in the mystery box?

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