Royal Jelly Jive and Bomb Squad

Door Time: 
9:30 PM

An intoxicating mixed drink of hard swingin’ soul-jive, Royal Jelly dives deep head-first into the old school throwback sounds of the 1940’s with a groovy new twist. Rapturous horns, sleek bass, elegant keys and swingin’ cymbals are just some of the sweet tastes you may devour if you’re lucky enough to catch them. All fronted by the sultry and soulful vocals of Lauren Bjelde, this band will have you stompin’ your feet with crooked delight until the moon comes back up again. Go get yourself some of that Royal Jelly now!


Bomb Squad is a hard-hitting, aggressive, in-your-face funk trio that brings a party to the stage every time they play. Coming together from different cultural backgrounds, each member contributes a unique flavor to the sound of the band. Guitarist Ricky Giordano adds a heavy rock edge to organist Tonga Ross-Ma'u's modern jazz approach. With drummer Tim Newton's gospel and R&B background, he provides a foundation with deep grooves and captivating rhythms. His ability to stretch out and express himself through creative drum solos and collective improvisations with the band, is the most exciting part of Bomb Squad's live performance.

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