PUERTO and Friends

Door Time: 

Drawing from a range of musical styles including blues, soul, disco, jazz, classic, latin, surf, and psych rock, what's left is a series of orchestrated noise that's refreshing, yet unusually familiar.

"Puerto", a Spanish word meaning port, may suggest some form of refuge. A place, or an illusion of a haven perhaps, where one can escape the turbulent nature of a modern world, at least for a little while.

Their songs capture themes ranging from love and loss to drug abuse to mental illness, manifested through extensive guitar loops and hypnotic lyrics, ultimately sewn together with Sean's simple, yet drivey rhythm sections.

In a live setting, Puerto brings an energy that is more that the sum of its parts. Whether playing to a sell out crowd or an empty dive bar, it's safe to say Zach will be barefoot, Sean will be on the ride, and both will be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Puerto is the product of two twenty-somethings living in a coastal desert searching for happiness and a sense of belonging through excessive drinking, unfathomable amounts of time in the sun, and an unparralleled desire to share their past and current states of mind with friends, family, and anybody else that is willing to listen.

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