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Lucy Morningstar Band is an Island Folk Rock group based in Maui, Hawaii. Lucy Morningstar offers her melodic, soulful lead vocals and is backed up by a funkadelic bass player, a surf-rock lead guitarist and a roots-rock percussionist. Sparking positive vibes and elevated frequencies, Lucy and her well-versed accompaniment are gaining the attention of audiences all over Hawaii. Their sound and style are universal—uplifting, original and enjoyable music for all ages. 

Captivating audiences with her sincere smile and lyrical story-telling, the music of Lucy Morningstar refreshes ears with tenacious acoustic guitar playing and a potent melodic voice that distinguishes her in today's music scene. Her compositions have been described as a unique blend of folk and rock with rich undertones of reggae and funk grooves. Lucy has been acknowledged for her poetic unfiltered lyrics, imaginative soundscapes and inspiring energy. Singer, songwriter, musician and composer, Lucy is always pushing the envelope…


“My songwriting sparks from dreams, fears, hopes, nature, life and death. Songs of mine often start as poems. The lyrics come first and then the melody joins in to accompany the voice.”


As a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, she has a freedom and creativity that transcends boundaries. Lucy began singing at the age of five and playing guitar at twelve. By the age of sixteen, Lucy was interning at Infidel Records and Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey. There she assisted Warren Haynes from The Allman Brothers and his newer jam band Gov't Mule as well as bluegrass folk band Railroad Earth. It was while learning about engineering and mixing at Infidel that Lucy realized her innovative and artistic path.


She made her New York City live concert debut at Sullivan Hall on September 14, 2010, and has performed live at clubs and concert halls across the country. 


An acoustic Reggae Folk-Rock musician, originally from New York, Lucy currently resides in Maui, Hawaii. Her enchanting style and charismatic voice have been on the rise across the US and internationally. Playing solo or with various musical and artistic accompaniments, her performances have ranged anywhere from a four-piece band to acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, cello and live painting. Her concerts make it clear that Lucy’s sound has planted a seed in modern indie-rock music, catching like fire in listener's hearts.


“Bringing all different types of spirits together for a common cause is something I appreciate more and more as I share beautiful vibes and my love of music while performing. Music is the universal language and it has expanded my mind and my heart in ways that were unfathomable before I embraced my gifts.”


Lucy founded the Southern California based group Lucid Lion. Their music has been described as an authentic fusion of indie folk rock with down-to-earth reggae and funk grooves. Lucid Lion has toured nationally and shared the bill with Steel Pulse, Damien Marley, Stephen Marley, Rootz Underground, The Expanders, Junior Toots, John Brown's Body, Rocker Tee, Natty Vibes, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Mike Love and Massive Delicious.

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