Eight Ball with special guests Doglips

Door Time: 

Eight Ball's 1st show ever in San Diego. And it's free!  

We're being joined by our San Diego buddies "Doglips." This is going to be EPIC! Doglips will do 1 set, and Eight Ball will do 2.

Come out for some great rock'n'roll jams on many timeless tunes and some original Eight Ball music. 

Both bands play in the style of Led Zeppelin, Rush, the Foo Fighters, etc. 

And now, the bad news: Jim Isaac is in both bands. ;)

Winston's in OB is such a classic venue. It's a full bar with lots of seats and a kitchen, so come hungry and thirsty. They're being so awesome by hosting our free event, we want to encourage our attendees to buy a drink or even some food when you come to the show. Thanks in advance.

Parking in OB can be a little challenging, but 5pm on a summer day shouldn't be too bad...most of the beachgoers will hopefully have headed home. And since we're ending at 8pm, you still have your whole night ahead of you!

Clear off some space on your phone, because you might see a friend of yours join one of the bands onstage.

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