Easy Wind (Grateful Dead Cover Band)

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Easy Wind has built a reputation of creating shows that pull deeply from the vibe and feel of classic ‘70’s era Grateful Dead, when the legendary band was firing on all cylinders of youth, exuberance, and creativity. Coming from a virtual lifetime of studying and performing their catalog, the band cooks up set lists that would fit right in with the epic shows of Europe ’72 or other magical runs of ‘70’s and early ‘80’s. Easy Wind has the unique ability to embody the style, jams, and riffs that were the trademark of Garcia, Weir, and the rest of the band in their hey day. The bus came by. It’s time to get on and experience Easy Wind!

Easy Wind is:

Martin Holland on Bass

Frank Lazzaro on Drums

Mark Bentley on keyboards and vocals

Larry Flynn on Lead Guitar

Patrick Brown on Guitar and Vocals

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