Blue Jean Simmons

Door Time: 

s the fledgling eagle must first learn to fly before he can rule the skies, so did the members of Blue Jean Simmons prior to providing the luscious soundtrack of danceable rock and roll music that has echoed through the Southern California hills since their inception in March of 2016. 

Hailing from bands in 4 different states, the B.J.S. (as they are known to their closest confidants) met at an ABBA after party that they all, coincidentally, snuck into separately by some very inventive means (Kevin actually hid in the staff bathroom for 3 days prior to the bash!). After realizing they were all musicians, they formed a flip cup team, challenged ABBA, and won. In unison, without ever discussing a name, they all proclaimed, "Blue Jean Simmons is here to eat mesquite spare ribs and rock out, and we're all out of mesquite spare ribs!"

They took the stage at the after party, and the legend was born. With a bassist from the reggae world, a keyboardist from the jazz realm, a drummer from funk town, and two gnarly rock guitarists, music began to flow out of them like a dam had just broken, but instead of people running for their lives, they were running towards the music and throwing garments aplenty. 

Now having polished their sound, the B.J.S. funneled their eclectic backgrounds into one hell of a party set with tunes from every decade since the 50's, every genre except for country, and a handful of funky fresh original tunes, they play every weekend... and lawd knows the crowd doesn't stop dancing very often. 

Come join!!!

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